Group of 15+  $2 Off Laughn' or Lovin'

Groups of 50+  $3 Off Laughn' or Lovin'

Groups of 15+

Call  888-576-6293 for reservations!

Youth Organizations and Sports Teams

Soccer teams, dance groups, football teams, after-school programs, and non-profit groups are just a few of the groups that can visit us. Discounts are available for groups of 15+. 

Family Reunions & Gatherings

Heartland Events makes a great place to meet with family and friends ... and then lose them for a while in all the fun! Whether it be husbands vs. wives, parents vs. kids, or even grandparents vs. grandkids, competitions around the grounds are a regular favorite. Discounts are available for groups of 15+. 

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Churches &   Non-Profits

Group of 15+ $3 Off Laughn' or Lovin'

Call  888-576-6293 for reservations!

Church & Non-Profit Groups

Heartland Events is the perfect spot for an outdoor activity for churches and organizations looking to bring everyone for some great family fun!  We are also a popular destination for non-profit groups of all kinds!  Discounts are available for groups of 15+.  To receive this rate, you will need to come as a group, pay in one lump sum vs. individually, and have your church/non-profit leader with you.  If your leader is not present, you will need to bring a letter, or church/non-profit group letterhead, verifying your visit is an official church/non-profit outing.  The actual number of people who attend can change from the number you reserve as long as your group remains more than 15.

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Scout/4-H Weekend

Group of 15+ $3 Off Laughn' or Lovin'

Call  888-576-6293 for reservations!

Scouts & 4-H

4-H & Scouts - boys, girls and cubs - can find the festival to be the perfect location to build unity and even brush up on orientation skills.  Discounts are available for groups of 10+.  To receive this rate, you will need to come as a group, pay in one lump sum vs. individually, and have your leader with you.

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Corporate Events

Group of 15+  $2 Off Laughn' or Lovin'

Groups of 50+  $3 Off Laughn' or Lovin'

Call  888-576-6293 for reservations!

Company Parties & Employee Discount Tickets

Whether you come together on a designated day or simply pre-purchase tickets to give out to your employees, discounted rates are available when you buy your tickets or make reservations online by clicking above.

  • $2 off groups of 15+

  • $3 off groups of 50+

In addition to discounted tickets, we do offer several amenities to enhance your corporate parties. These include:

  • Private tent rentals

  • Area where you can set up a table and check in your own guests if requested.

  • Discounts on Blast Zone Tickets

  • Food catering options

Team Building

Our self-guided teambuilding experiences include a printed team building facilitation guide, team basics overview, & teambuilding passport that can help you create a unique adventure for your group. These materials are free of charge and available for preview by emailing a request to A few of the fun activities that can be incorporated into your outing include:

  • Corn Hole and Other Games

  • Ball Zone

  • Blast Zone

  • Duck Races                                    

  • Rat Roller races

  • Human Foosball                           


To visit, simply purchase your tickets and come anytime we are open to the public. If your group is large enough, we may be able to schedule an arrival time prior to public opening. Please email for more info on this.


private rentals

We have nights available where you can rent the facility for a private event for your company. All activities will be operating during the Private Rentals.  They are available on a first-come-first-reserve basis.

Cost will be determined based on date selected and number of guests.  Please email or call 888-576-6293 to discuss Private Rental Options or to reserve a date.


Parties & Weddings

Whether you are looking for a venue for a birthday party or another special event or a perfect spot to have a beautiful wedding, we have the perfect place for fun for all ages!  

Other Services & Items Available:

Huge playground area available during rentals


Picnic & Serving Tables


Decorations & Linens


Catering Options

Equipment Rentals (Kettle Corn, Shaved Ice, Cotton Candy, etc.)



Contact us today for additional information or to reserve for your special day!  Call 888-576-6293 or email