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Call  888-576-6293 for reservations!

Youth Organizations and Sports Teams

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Soccer teams, dance groups, football teams, after-school programs, and non-profit groups are just a few of the groups that can visit us. Discounts are available for groups of 15+. 

Family Reunions & Gatherings

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Heartland Events makes a great place to meet with family and friends ... and then lose them for a while in all the fun! Whether it be husbands vs. wives, parents vs. kids, or even grandparents vs. grandkids, competitions around the grounds are a regular favorite. Discounts are available for groups of 15+. 

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Church & Non-Profit Groups

Heartland Events is the perfect spot for an outdoor activity for churches and organizations looking to bring everyone for some great family fun!  We are also a popular destination for non-profit groups of all kinds!  Discounts are available for groups of 15+.  To receive this rate, you will need to come as a group, pay in one lump sum vs. individually, and have your church/non-profit leader with you.  If your leader is not present, you will need to bring a letter, or church/non-profit group letterhead, verifying your visit is an official church/non-profit outing.  The actual number of people who attend can change from the number you reserve as long as your group remains more than 15.

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Scouts & 4-H

4-H & Scouts - boys, girls and cubs - can find the festival to be the perfect location to build unity and even brush up on orientation skills.  Discounts are available for groups of 10+.  To receive this rate, you will need to come as a group, pay in one lump sum vs. individually, and have your leader with you.

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Corporate Events

Company Parties & Employee Discount Tickets

Whether you are looking to have a private party, come together on a designated day of one of our festivals or simply want to pre-purchase tickets to give out to your employees, we will make accommodations for groups of any size!

We offer several amenities to enhance your corporate parties. These include:

  • Private tent rentals

  • Area where you can set up a table and check in your own guests if requested.

  • Discounts on Blast Zone & Battle Zone Tickets

  • Food catering options

Team Building

A few of the fun activities that can be incorporated into your outing include:

  • Corn Hole and Other Games

  • Ball Zone

  • Blast Zone

  • Duck Races                                    

  • Rat Roller races

  • Human Foosball                           

private rentals

We have nights available where you can rent the facility for a private event for your company. All activities will be operating during the Private Rentals.  They are available on a first-come-first-reserve basis.

Cost will be determined based on date selected and number of guests.  Please email or call 888-576-6293 to discuss Private Rental Options or to reserve a date.

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